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Finding the perfect holiday gift for that special person in your life can be stressful and confusing. There are so many options, it can be hard to know what to choose.

Luckily for you, the experts at Eiseman Jewels have put together this gift guide to help you delight your loved one this holiday season. 


Messika Double Ring


If you’re looking for a chic piece that she doesn’t already have in her jewelry box, look no further than Messika’s 18-karat white gold Glam’azone ring. This unique piece can be worn two ways: with both rings on one finger or with each ring worn individually.

Lika Behar Gold Hoop Earrings


These easy-to-wear 24-karat yellow gold Lika Behar hoop earrings will quickly become the shining stars of her everyday jewelry wardrobe.

Tudor Watch


The Tudor Glamour Date Watch is a go-anywhere, do-anything luxury timepiece that can keep up with a woman’s active lifestyle. It features a black diamond-set dial, steel bracelet and self-winding mechanical movement.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


It’s impossible to go wrong with a recommendation from Richard Eiseman himself. His choice for the gift of the season? This absolutely breathtaking 13.49-carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring. The center stone is flanked by two trapezoids cut stones for a total diamond carat weight of 15.29.

Sloane Street Necklace


Want to profess your love and appreciation with something a little more exotic? Try this 18-karat white gold pendant necklace that features a gorgeous combination of Ethiopian opal beads, apatite beads, black opal, blue opal and triangular crystal opal with a pavé diamond rim.


Drive de Cartier 


This beautiful Drive de Cartier watch is brought to life by the in-house Cartier Manufacture Movement. Its unique cushion-shaped 18-karat pink gold case, brown semi-matte alligator skin strap and sapphire crystal make it an extraordinary gift with which to celebrate the season. 

Breitling Avenger Hurricane 


For the man who is bold, adventurous and ready for action, the Breitling Avenger Hurricane is the ideal gift. This robust military timepiece is constructed from a futuristic material called Breitlight®, which is 5.8 times lighter and significantly harder than steel, making it ultra-light and ultra-sturdy. It’s equipped with a military-style 24-hour display, and its all-black look is enhanced by yellow accents and aviation-inspired numerals.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King


If you’ve got a watch buff in your life, chances are he can’t wait to get his hands on the new Oyster Perpetual Rolex Air King. It features a distinctive black dial with large 3, 6 and 9 numerals marking the hours, an Oyster case crafted from a solid block of corrosion-resistant 904L steel, and a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. 

Still having trouble selecting the perfect gift from our picks? Don’t fret. Our in-store experts are here to help you find a one-of-a-kind piece to wow any recipient this season. Stop by NorthPark Center in Dallas to visit us at Eiseman Jewels


For those lucky enough to be born in September, the sapphire is your birthstone. It is said that those born in this month share the same attributes as the dazzling blue gemstone itself: analytical, observant and precise—all features reminiscent of a sapphire’s clarity.



Sapphires have been popular and sought-after since the Middle Ages, when they were believed to protect loved ones from harm and represented loyalty and trust. Medieval clergy wore sapphire jewelry to symbolize heaven and attract heavenly blessings, while medieval kings believed sapphire rings and brooches protected them from harm and envy. Sapphires have always been worn by royalty to symbolize holiness, wisdom, virtue and good fortune.


The most famous royal sapphire is the engagement ring given to Lady Diana Spencer by Prince Charles in 1981. The ring, which is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge (also known as Princess Kate), features an 18-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Another very famous sapphire rests on the Imperial State Crown worn by Queen Victoria in 1838. It can be found among the British Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. This gem is called St. Edward’s Sapphire because it once belonged to Edward the Confessor, who wore the stone on a ring during his coronation in 1042.

In 1796, French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave Josephine de Beauharnais a sapphire engagement ring. The ring, which sold at auction for almost a million dollars in 2013, features a pear-shaped sapphire next to a pear-shaped diamond on a simple gold band.


Birthstones make thoughtful gifts because of their beauty and personal significance. Sapphires symbolize wisdom, which makes them fitting (and stunning) graduation gifts for new grads.

Sapphires are traditionally given as a 45th wedding anniversary gift—but no one wants to wait that long! They make a beautiful gift for any romantic milestone.

Since ancient times, blue sapphires have represented a promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust, and they are one of the most popular engagement gemstones today.



  • Deep blue sapphires have been associated with royalty for so long they may have contributed to the name of the color “royal blue.”
  • Sapphires are among the most durable naturally occurring elements in the world, scoring a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. The only thing found in nature that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond. Their durability makes them an excellent choice for engagement rings and other jewelry worn every day.
  • Because of their hardness, sapphires also have industrial uses—Apple Watches feature lab-created sapphire glass in their screens.
  • In 13th century France, people believed that sapphire transformed stupidity to wisdom and irritability to good temper.



Ask any woman, and she’ll tell you that jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion that calls for a token of your love. But if you’re having trouble coming up with such an occasion, it may be helpful to learn that August is Romance Awareness Month—and that’s a reason in itself to celebrate.

Whether you’re anticipating a special anniversary or just planning an intimate date night, here are a few ideas for making a little romance this month—and the perfect gift to go with each.


Just to mix things up a little, why not try to duplicate your very first date? If it’s not possible to go to the same places you went on your first date, then focus on creating an experience similar to your first hours together.

Gift for her: An elegant pair of earrings

Gift for him: Unique cufflinks



Anniversaries are marriage milestones that deserve to be celebrated. And whether you take a romantic getaway or step out for a nice dinner, exchanging a few meaningful gifts will just be the icing on top of your anniversary cake.

Gift for her: Updated engagement ring


Gift for him: Updated wedding band




No happy occasion should go uncelebrated, whether it’s a promotion, the purchase of a new home or even back-to-school time for the kids (you survived another summer!). Hopefully you won’t have to think too hard to come up with a good reason to make a toast.

Gift for her: Bracelet

Gift for him: Pocket knife
accessories for men



The best reason to celebrate is no reason at all.

Gift for her: Diamond necklace

Diamond necklace for her
Gift for him: Watch

Let us help you choose the perfect romantic gift. Visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


peridot + mojito

You’re dressed to the nines and ready for a night out on the town. And what’s the best way to accessorize your go-to little black dress? Eiseman Jewels has a few ideas. With a plethora of cocktail rings to choose from—from aquamarine to fancy yellow diamonds—we’re sure to have a ring to turn any ordinary outfit into an outstanding one. So with a drink in hand and a ring on your finger, see how some of our favorite cocktail rings pair with some of our favorite cocktail drinks.

opal + martini

Opal Center Stone with Diamond Outline + Martini. Martinis and opals have a lot more in common than their status as a classic go-to. They’re also both chameleons — they change their look (or flavor) based on what you want to see (or drink). This radiant opal ring surrounded with dazzling diamonds matches the splash of sophistication you’ll feel while sipping a martini made just the way you like it.

rubellite + cosmo

Rubellite and Diamond + Cosmopolitan. Vodka, cranberry and lime Cosmos mix the sweet with the savory, and so does this rubellite and diamond concoction. Aside from their rich reds, both the ring and the drink share a sense of high-end fashion and panache. The whimsical diamond pattern that surrounds the deep red stone is unique without being over-the-top, just like the fun and fruity Cosmopolitan.

amber + old fashioned

Seaman Schepps Amber and Gold + Old Fashioned. There’s nothing old-fashioned about this oversized amber stone in an ornate gold setting. As timeless as the bourbon-based drink itself, this beautiful Seaman Schepps piece is rich, yet tasteful.

brown diamonds + manhattan

Fancy Brown and Yellow Diamond Rings with Traditional Diamond Outline + Manhattan. Perfect for Park Avenue (or Dallas’s Park Lane), these stunning and colorful diamonds add style to even the simplest of cocktails. As Manhattans can be made from a variety of whiskey blends, these rings can be worn all at once, or stand alone for a strikingly elegant effect.

peridot + mojito

Temple St. Clair Peridot, Diamond and Gold + Mojito. This gorgeous green center stone, sitting atop a delicate gold setting adorned with dots of diamonds and golden leaves, will perfectly match your springtime Mojito. Refreshing, inviting and demure, this ring evokes the flavor of fresh mint, making it a must-have for any warm night out on the town.

Find the perfect cocktail ring to match your cocktail of choice at Eiseman Jewels. Bottoms up to baubles and bubbles!



He gave you the ring of your dreams. Shouldn’t he have something elegant to match? Watches have long been popular with formal menswear, but more recently we’ve seeing brides gifting their grooms-to-be classic timepieces just for the big day.

Whether you’re seeking something Swiss, like a handsome Breitling or an everlasting Rolex, or a watch from the Eiseman Jewels’ vintage collection, our specialists are here to help you pick out the perfect piece for him. Before you get started, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Take a technical time-out. Watches come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. It often comes down a watch’s technical elements—such as its functions, movements and bezels—to really see what sets it apart.

Vacheron Constantin watches, for example, are truly technological masterpieces. For over 250 years, Vacheron Constantin has maintained a seamless tradition of watch-making excellence through technical know-how and aesthetic mastery.

Wear it with love. Not all hobbies are conducive to watch-wearing. So before you buy one, think about the activities he loves. If he travels frequently, consider purchasing a GMT watch with multiple time zones. If he’s a diver or works around water, a diving watch would be apropos.

Not all men enjoy wearing a wristwatch, either, so you may consider a vintage pocket watch. There is a watch suited to every imaginable hobby—just tell your Eiseman specialist what it is you’re looking for and they’ll be happy to take care of the rest.

Engrave a meaningful message. All watches tell time, but make his watch tell him something more. Engrave a personal message on the back of the watch case commemorating your wedding day and long-lasting love. He’ll know that this is a gift that truly came from the heart every time he puts it on his wrist.

A timeless treasure. The right timepiece can last forever, making them the perfect heirloom to pass it down to future sons, nephews and grandsons. Choose a watch that he will be proud to keep in the family for generations to come.

Make an appointment. Call Eiseman Jewels or stop by our store to meet with one of our watch specialists. They are trained to sort through our many finely crafted watches to find the one that’s right for your future husband.


Deakin Francis Cufflinks

Wedding gifts aren’t just for the girls; your groomsmen deserve to be thanked for their hard work in helping you to get ready for your big day. And while they may not look as good in pearls as their female counterparts do, there are plenty of sophisticated and classy ways to show your gratitude to your best guys.

Eiseman Jewels specialist Susan Amassyali has a few suggestions on what to get the men that mean the most to you on your special day.





What’s a French-cuffed shirt with no cufflinks? And how can you expect your groomsmen to be on time to the festivities without a nice watch to show them the way? Eiseman Jewels offers an array of beautiful cufflinks and men’s timepieces, including a variety of vintage watches. There’s no reason your guys can’t look as stylish as the girls!


Always a classic option, a gentleman can always find a use a proper fountain pen like the Montegrappa. Other options that make great gifts as well as everyday knickknacks for the office include monogrammed paperweights, business nameplates, customized folios or even bookends.


Make sure your wedding party has the means to make a meaningful toast by giving your groomsmen personalized flasks, carafes, jiggers, bar sets or even fine bottles of liquor. These accessories come in a range of sizes, materials and combinations so choose what you think would fit your group of guys the best.


A man can never have enough tools – especially when one of those tools is a custom engraved Damascus steel William Henry pocketknife. And if a knife feels too edgy for you, perhaps a sleek shaving set will do the trick. Either way these beautiful blades will show your groomsmen that you value style, sophistication and utility.


After the festivities of the big day are over, it’d be nice to make sure your guys are still able to have some fun. If they all live in your city, surprise them with tickets to a sporting event or concert. Or pick up some cigars and a small humidor as a way of saying, “Thanks!” A new iPad or Kindle may liven up a long flight home for your out-of-town groomsmen.

The best gift you could ever give is the gift of friendship. So whatever you do and whichever trinket you choose to give, make sure your groomsmen know just how invaluable they are to you both on your big day.