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Finding the perfect holiday gift for that special person in your life can be stressful and confusing. There are so many options, it can be hard to know what to choose.

Luckily for you, the experts at Eiseman Jewels have put together this gift guide to help you delight your loved one this holiday season. 


Messika Double Ring


If you’re looking for a chic piece that she doesn’t already have in her jewelry box, look no further than Messika’s 18-karat white gold Glam’azone ring. This unique piece can be worn two ways: with both rings on one finger or with each ring worn individually.

Lika Behar Gold Hoop Earrings


These easy-to-wear 24-karat yellow gold Lika Behar hoop earrings will quickly become the shining stars of her everyday jewelry wardrobe.

Tudor Watch


The Tudor Glamour Date Watch is a go-anywhere, do-anything luxury timepiece that can keep up with a woman’s active lifestyle. It features a black diamond-set dial, steel bracelet and self-winding mechanical movement.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


It’s impossible to go wrong with a recommendation from Richard Eiseman himself. His choice for the gift of the season? This absolutely breathtaking 13.49-carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring. The center stone is flanked by two trapezoids cut stones for a total diamond carat weight of 15.29.

Sloane Street Necklace


Want to profess your love and appreciation with something a little more exotic? Try this 18-karat white gold pendant necklace that features a gorgeous combination of Ethiopian opal beads, apatite beads, black opal, blue opal and triangular crystal opal with a pavé diamond rim.


Drive de Cartier 


This beautiful Drive de Cartier watch is brought to life by the in-house Cartier Manufacture Movement. Its unique cushion-shaped 18-karat pink gold case, brown semi-matte alligator skin strap and sapphire crystal make it an extraordinary gift with which to celebrate the season. 

Breitling Avenger Hurricane 


For the man who is bold, adventurous and ready for action, the Breitling Avenger Hurricane is the ideal gift. This robust military timepiece is constructed from a futuristic material called Breitlight®, which is 5.8 times lighter and significantly harder than steel, making it ultra-light and ultra-sturdy. It’s equipped with a military-style 24-hour display, and its all-black look is enhanced by yellow accents and aviation-inspired numerals.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King


If you’ve got a watch buff in your life, chances are he can’t wait to get his hands on the new Oyster Perpetual Rolex Air King. It features a distinctive black dial with large 3, 6 and 9 numerals marking the hours, an Oyster case crafted from a solid block of corrosion-resistant 904L steel, and a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. 

Still having trouble selecting the perfect gift from our picks? Don’t fret. Our in-store experts are here to help you find a one-of-a-kind piece to wow any recipient this season. Stop by NorthPark Center in Dallas to visit us at Eiseman Jewels


If your birthday falls in the month of August, you’re lucky to have two birthstones: peridot and spinel. These unheralded beauties offer countless pairing options and make unique statement pieces as well as dainty accents.


Peridot is one of the few gemstones that comes in a single color — a gorgeous light green unaffected by artificial light. Peridot’s hardness is similar to quartz, so it’s an excellent choice for jewelry that gets daily wear.

The stone has been featured in fine jewelry for thousands of years. The ancient Romans nicknamed peridot the “evening emerald” because its color didn’t darken at night, and it was reportedly Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone.



Peridot looks best with warm skin tones and hazel or green eyes. The bright green stone pops when worn against white, beige, black or navy and adds a touch of color to simple, streamlined ensembles.

Since peridot mirrors the vibrant color of summer leaves and grass, it’s also perfect for creating an earthy, nature-inspired look. Pair it with earth tones such as browns, greens or yellows.

Finally, mixing and matching trendy stackable peridot rings or tennis bracelets with other brightly colored gems is an easy, fun way to incorporate this stone into your wardrobe.

Picture 14386


This lesser-known gemstone occurs in a range of colors, including rose pink, deep red, lavender, violet, light and dark blue, orange, yellow, brown and black. Spinel has been mined for centuries, but it was often mistaken for other gemstones. One of the most famous spinel gemstones, known by the misnomer “Black Prince’s Ruby” due to its ruby-red hue, was set into England’s state crown and housed in the Tower of London. The most desirable spinel gemstones are vivid red, cobalt blue, bright pink or bright orange.

Spinel is considered to be a soothing stone, possessing calming energy, and is recommended for those suffering from stress. It’s also used to increase physical energy, vitality and stamina.


Red-hued spinel stones are most striking on cool skin tones. Spinel and other red or pink gemstones are most flattering to brown eyes and also serve as a stunning contrast to blue eyes.

Because red spinel looks so similar to ruby, it can be styled just the way you would your favorite ruby jewelry. Try pairing this common shade of spinel with black dresses, summer stripes, florals, formal gowns and jeans and tees.

Black spinel looks sophisticated and subtle when paired with other neutrals such as beiges, whites, creams and grays. If you have long hair, wear it up to show off black spinel earrings.

Any cool blue shade of spinel will pop next to warm colors such as yellow, orange and red. Blue spinel also works well with other shades of blue and navy.

For a beautiful selection of birthstone jewelry, visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


The process of buying a diamond can be a little daunting, especially for first-timers. That’s why the experts at Eiseman Jewels look beyond just the four Cs when helping their clients choose the perfect diamond.

You may already know that diamonds are qualified and priced according to the four Cs: carat, color, clarity and cut. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has established most of the grading standards within the jewelry industry. They do not sell diamonds or have a financial interest in transactions within the jewelry trade, and their system is recognized as the most accurate and unbiased method of grading diamonds. Always shop for a diamond that has been certified by the GIA and that comes with a GIA certificate.

While the definitions of the four Cs are pretty straightforward and clearly indicated on a diamond’s grading report, most people don’t realize that the grading report alone does not tell the full story of a diamond’s appearance and value.



Those looking to purchase a fancy cut diamond, such as an oval, marquise, pear or princess cut, should keep an eye out for a dark “bow tie” pattern within the diamond. This bow tie effect can sometimes occur when a fancy cut diamond has not been cut properly and therefore doesn’t reflect light as it should.

Another pitfall that diamond shoppers often fall into is looking only at the stated weight of a stone and not at whether it has been cut properly. More often than not, a diamond that breaks the 3, 4 or 5-carat threshold would look more beautiful, weigh less and cost a lot less if it had been cut properly. In other words, bigger is not always better. A smaller, properly cut diamond will shine brighter than a larger one that isn’t.


It’s also important to remember that two diamonds with same clarity grade may be priced different due to the number and placement of various inclusions in the stone. Also, keep in mind that no two diamonds with the same grading will in fact be the same.

Lastly, we advise that all of our clients look at a diamond in person versus online. A diamond’s description may make it extremely appealing on paper, but the “personality” of the stone will never shine through until you see it with your own eyes. The biggest mistake a diamond shopper can make is to buy a stone it without seeing it in person first.


Want to know more about buying a diamond? Our diamond experts — along with our in-house gemologists and diamond cutter — can tell you everything you need to know to make the perfect choice. Visit us at Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


While diamonds and gemstones are the stars of the show when it comes to fine jewelry design, the precious metals that make up the setting are just as important to a piece’s look and quality. There’s no better foundation for your most treasured jewels than platinum and 18-karat gold.


A karat is a measurement of a metal’s purity. 18-karat gold contains 75 percent gold and 25 percent alloyed metals such as silver, palladium, platinum and nickel to make it harder and more durable. And because 18-karat gold is 75 percent pure gold, it has a heavier, more luxurious feel than jewelry with less karats. This means that when you compare 18-karat and 14-karat rings with the exact same dimensions, the 18-karat ring will be heavier.

18-karat gold is the most popular karat weight for gold jewelry, as its strength prevents the prongs from weakening and the stones falling out. 18-karat gold is also less likely to tarnish.

Natural gold and color-saturated alloys are what give yellow gold its luxurious shine. The higher the number of karats, the deeper the rich, buttery yellow tone will be. Since 18-karat gold contains less other metals, its color typically looks richer and deeper than its 14-karat counterpart. The soft patina that develops over time is also specific to 18-karat yellow gold versus the lighter 14-karat gold.



Rose gold first became fashionable in 19th-century Russia, which is why it was originally called “Russian gold.” By the time the Victorian era rolled around, rose gold jewelry dominated the jewelry scene along with yellow gold.   18-karat rose gold is actually an alloy containing 75 percent gold and 15 percent copper or some combination of copper and silver. Because rose gold is by definition an alloy of multiple metals, there is no such thing as “pure” rose gold.

Rose gold’s recent style comeback is the result of a few different factors. Rose gold lacks the more reflective “bling” effect demonstrated by metals like white gold and platinum, making it an understated, elegant alternative. Its romantic pink hue also happens to effortlessly flatter most skin tones.  What once was an uncommon metal worn only by Russian elites can now be found in watches, bangles and even engagement rings. In fact, this trend is so popular, we believe we’ll be looking at the world through rose-colored glasses for years to come.



Platinum is the most precious metal in jewelry. Like gold, it is rare and heavy, but it is 60 percent heavier and 30 times more rare than gold. Because of its purity, platinum is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for people who are allergic to other metals. Platinum prongs offer excellent protection for diamonds, so your stones are less likely to budge when they’re set in platinum.

But platinum does more than just protect diamonds and gemstones. It makes very white diamonds appear bright by enhancing their brilliance. Platinum won’t cast colors into a diamond, and because it’s naturally white, it won’t fade or change colors over time.

You’ll find a lot of vintage platinum jewelry that looks almost the same as the day it was made — with stones intact — because of the its strength and durability. And when you consider the fact that the jewelry you buy today might someday become the heirloom pieces treasured by future generations, platinum is a beautiful choice.

For an exquisite selection of platinum and 18-karat gold jewelry, visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


You’ve loved your engagement ring from the moment he slid it on your finger. But now it’s time to select the wedding band—not only for you, but for your fiancé as well. Although there are no set rules on choosing a wedding band, there are some things the two of you should consider. The specialists at Eiseman Jewels offer these tips for choosing wedding bands you will both cherish for a lifetime.


His & Hers

When choosing wedding bands, decide as a couple whether or not you want matching bands. If that is the case, then you will need to find a set that flatters your engagement ring, but is still masculine enough for him.

Perfect Match

You should check with your fiancé to see if your engagement ring already has a complimentary wedding band available. Wedding bands that are specially made to match an engagement ring provide perfect symmetry—the two rings paired together often look like a single ring.

Unique Combination

Even if your engagement ring has a matching band, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a different band. It’s a popular trend with more non-traditional brides to choose a wedding band that doesn’t perfectly match the engagement ring. It’s an interesting, offbeat look that frees you up to wear just the wedding band or engagement ring alone, or to wear the band and ring on different fingers.

Something Old

Consider using a family heirloom or a unique vintage find as your wedding band. If your engagement ring doesn’t sit properly on a vintage band, take it to one of the expert craftsmen at Eiseman Jewels to have it resized and reshaped.

Custom Tailored

Eiseman Jewels has long been regarded as one of the country’s premier jewelry designers. We can help you and your fiancé create a one-of-a-kind custom wedding band that’s uniquely you.

Size It Up

Try not to choose a wedding band that overpowers your engagement ring. Wider bands look better on women with longer fingers, while brides with shorter fingers should choose a thinner band. Also, consider if the band will be easy to resize if your fingers happen to change size over the years. An eternity band with diamonds or gemstones will be more difficult to resize, as will a ring with intricate engravings or designs all the way around it.

Engraving Inside

Many couples want to engrave special messages or the date of their marriage on the inside their rings. Eiseman Jewels is happy to provide this service to its clients. Don’t wait until the last minute to get this done, however. Be sure to be specific about your engraving requirements, especially in terms of style, font and size.

Lifelong Commitment

Finally, remember that your wedding band is forever. Choose bands that are not only comfortable, but which you both can envision wearing every day for the rest of your lives.


moonstone copy

moonstone copyThe moonstone has long enchanted civilizations with its ethereal glow and beguiling dance of light and shadow across its milky surface. These gemstones, evocative of solidified moonlight, demand attention with every movement and possess a unique three-dimensional quality.

Legend says if you give your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon is full, your relationship will always be filled with passion. This might be a reason so many brides don this gem on their wedding days.

However you choose to wear it, the specialists at Eiseman Jewels believe moonstone is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Here are some things to know about this distinctive stone.


For thousands of years, cultures around the world revered the moonstone as an element of the cosmos. According to the Hindus, the gemstone sprang from moonbeams, while the ancient Romans believed it was formed from frozen drops of moonlight. It was believed to bring not only good fortune to the wearer but also fertility, intuition and romance. The moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June and was chosen as the official state stone of Florida in 1970 to commemorate the 1969 moon landing.


In selecting a moonstone, jewelers look for these key factors:

  • Body Color: The most valuable moonstones display a colorless, semitransparent to nearly transparent appearance, free of any yellowish, brownish or green tints.
  • Adularescence: The adularescence should be vivid blue, and the more visible it is in the range of viewing angles, the higher the value of the stone.
  • Clarity: A quality moonstone will be free of inclusions, which could interfere with the adularescence. Tiny tension cracks resembling centipedes are a common inclusion type.
  • Sheen Orientation: The sheen should be evident from a wide range of viewing angles and oriented on the top of a cabochon cut.


Though moonstones are available in a range of cuts, it takes a master cutter to bring out the luminescent beauty in faceted versions. For this reason, most moonstones are cabochons, which are polished rather than faceted, allowing the layers of the stone to play off one another when light hits it. Some moonstones are also carved into cameos or a “man-in-the-moon” face.


Compared to other gemstones, moonstones are relatively soft and need to be protected from scratches, nicks and dings. The stone can even shatter with the right force, so remove any moonstone jewelry before strenuous activities. Do not expose the stone to harsh chemicals, and avoid ultrasonic cleaners and steamers. Clean your moonstone jewelry with a soft cloth, mild soap and warm water. When storing, separate moonstones from other types of gems and jewelry, and, if possible, wrap it individually in a soft cloth for added protection.

Experience the unearthly beauty of moonstones in a variety of settings at Eiseman Jewels’ newly remodeled store. From rings and pendants to earrings and necklaces, the specialists at Eiseman Jewels will help you find some moonlit magic of your very own.