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When it comes to fine jewelry, diamonds tend to get a lot of attention. But no jewelry collection is complete without a few high-quality colored gemstones — especially the “big three” gems: emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Believe it or not, very fine gemstones can have a higher per-carat value than diamonds. That’s because they are quite rare and possess remarkable hardness and durability.

Let’s take a look at the rich history behind these three gems and pick up some styling tips from the experts at Eiseman Jewels.



Mankind’s love affair with emeralds stretches back thousands of years. In fact, Cleopatra was known to gift emeralds carved with her portrait to her important visitors. According to myth, emeralds bring vitality, fertility and clarity of vision in matters of love and business.

Famous Emeralds

In 1953, John F. Kennedy proposed to his future First Lady, Jacqueline Bouvier, with a 2.84-carat emerald and 2.88-carat diamond ring. The unique setting also features daintier baguette diamonds and a yellow gold setting. It is reportedly worth over $1 million.

How to Wear Emeralds

Emeralds are bold stones that generally should be worn alone. The exception is to pair your emeralds with diamonds, which won’t detract from their rich green color. Emeralds can also be worn with other emeralds, but be sure to consider scale when putting together your look. A large emerald cocktail ring worn with a large pair of emerald earrings or a statement necklace can easily look overdone. Instead, opt for a delicate pendant or small-scale earrings to balance your look.



Coined the King of Gems, the ruby has been considered one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones on Earth for thousands of years. As a symbol of passion, it makes an ideal romantic gift. Rubies are traditionally given for 15th or 40th anniversaries.

Famous Rubies

One of the most famous ruby rings in history is the one given to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband, Richard Burton. Burton presented Taylor with the fabulous 8.24-carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring for Christmas in 1968. After Taylor’s death, the ring sold for over $4 million.

How to Wear Rubies

Ruby rings with smaller stones are perfect for everyday and can easily be worn with other jewelry. Larger stones are perfect for special occasions and look stunning by themselves or when paired with diamonds. Ruby eternity rings and pavé rings have an equally dramatic effect. These styles are a little easier to wear for all occasions without looking over the top. 



Sapphires are among the most durable naturally occurring elements in the world, scoring a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. The only substance found in nature that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond. Sapphire’s durability makes it an excellent choice for engagement rings and other jewelry worn every day.

Famous Sapphires

The most famous royal sapphire is the engagement ring given to Lady Diana Spencer by Prince Charles in 1981. Their son, Prince William, later slipped that same ring onto Kate Middleton’s finger on their engagement day in 2010. It features an 18-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

How to Wear Sapphires

Diamonds and sapphires make for a stunning combination of jewels. While gorgeous on their own, they look even better when worn together, whether in the same piece of jewelry or together in the same suite.

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July’s birthstone, the ruby, has long been considered one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones on Earth. Perhaps that’s why, until recently, conventional wisdom dictated that ruby jewelry should be worn only on special occasions.

But now, more people are coming around to the idea that because rubies are so special, they should be worn every day. We believe that pieces with special meaning should be cherished and enjoyed, and that goes especially for this vibrant, versatile gemstone.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to style ruby jewelry.

With a Floral Dress

ruby ring new

Rubies tend to hold a special place in the hearts of romantics, because they represent love, passion, courage and emotion. If you’re a romantic at heart, you can’t go wrong with a ruby ring or necklace paired with a flowery sundress and strappy heels.

With Summer Stripes

Nautical styles are timeless, especially for summer. Red rubies pop perfectly against a navy-and-white striped top, white jeans or capris and white low-top sneakers.

With a Little Black Dress


Is there anything that doesn’t look good with one? Rubies look especially dramatic in the evening with a black cocktail dress.

With Jeans and a T-shirt

Rubies are luxurious yet effortless, which makes them perfect for everyday ensembles. They even look great with jeans and a t-shirt.

With a Formal Gown or Wedding Dress


Rubies were made for big nights such as black-tie, charity events and even weddings and receptions.

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So you’re planning on celebrating your nuptials at that sweet little winery you’ve had your eye on since the day you met “the one”. Winery weddings can add a sense of rustic charm to your romantic day, highlighting your beautiful love story with a gorgeous backdrop and some truly tasty vino.

Vineyards can be as diverse as a bride’s style, ranging from elegant lakeside estates to intimate, deep-in-the-country orchards. The specialists at Eiseman Jewels have put together a few winery wedding tips that we hope will get you started sipping, swishing and celebrating!

Flair. With our elegant ruby and diamond earrings, you’ll be able to add some “wine” to your wedding day wardrobe without having to worry about clean up. These beautiful baubles will complement any dress, whether white or champagne-colored. And for some added color, have your bridesmaids dress in hues reminiscent of your favorite bottle: chardonnay, rosé and merlot color palettes are all popular choices for bridesmaid dresses this year.

Flowers. As most winery weddings take place outside, use the natural backdrop and foliage to your advantage. Consider gracing your altar with an arch of white roses, with bright red rose petals trailing down the aisle. Don’t skimp on the centerpieces: choose flowers that coordinate with the bottles of wine you select for your guests. Work with a florist to find the right mix of flowers to make your rustic romantic vision a reality.

Flavor. If you’ll be using the winery’s caterer, he or she should know the best foods to pair with their signature wines. If you’re planning on bringing in your own chef, schedule a few tastings to determine which menu items pair best with the wines you’ll be serving. Don’t be afraid to be honest if something doesn’t taste right to you. After all, it’s your special day!

Festivities. One of the biggest perks of hosting your big day at a winery is the potential for a wine tasting with your close family and friends. This type of event is unique to your venue and can be the basis for some great pictures, memories and laughs. And if you’re lucky, you may even discover a new favorite bottle!

If a wine tasting doesn’t work into your wedding day schedule, consider hosting a tasting for out-of-towners who arrive a day early, or incorporating one into your rehearsal dinner. Send your guests home with a bottle of wine from the winery, a personalized corkscrew or even some wine charms as a gift from you and your other half. If your guests have been enjoying the fruits of the winery all evening, consider arranging a bus or limo to transport them safely back to their hotel.

Winery weddings have the potential to be some of the most stunning settings for your special day. So sit back, take a sip and enjoy!