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JB Star Interview

At Eiseman Jewels, our commitment to providing the very highest level of service, quality and expertise is evident in the jewelry designers we choose to stock, including JB Star. Every one of this brand’s stunning pieces is handcrafted in New York by highly trained artisans using only the finest diamonds and platinum, 18-karat yellow gold and pink gold.

We sat down with Rafael Fouzailoff, the founder, artistic designer and visionary leader of JB Star, to get his thoughts on wedding ring trends, inspiration and doing what he loves.

How did you get started in this industry?

My father, Yehuda Fouzailoff, has been in the diamond industry since 1946. He was one of the largest Sightholders in the world, with offices in Europe and the United States. I grew up around diamonds and learned a strong sense of the business from him. My goal, however, was to expand our company by designing and creating timeless, luxurious fine jewelry. Together with my brother Mark, who handles our loose diamond division, there is more than half a century of tradition and expertise behind JB Star.

jb star

What makes JB Star stand out in the jewelry industry?

Every JB Star creation is handmade in our facility in New York City. Each piece of jewelry is expertly crafted and inspected with the utmost care using the latest finishing technology, including lasers. No piece ever leaves the shop until even the finest details are examined, which ensures the highest standard of quality. We go above and beyond expectations to make one-of-a-kind creations that will be cherished for life.

What was the first piece designed at JB Star?

We started off making marquise diamond bands, which were unique to the market because of their sleek and elegant shape.

jb star

Where do you get your inspiration?

For me, inspiration comes from art, architecture and my travels around the globe. I am an avid believer in taking in my surroundings and implementing them into our creations. My vision has always been to stay ahead of the curve, but not go too far forward. I never build upon an existing fad. My pieces evolve from year to year so that they always maintain their integrity, yet look fresh and new. 

What are your favorite wedding ring trends?

We love to emphasize unique cuts such as cushion cut, emerald cut and square emerald cut diamond shapes. These diamond shapes are unconventional but still wearable and timeless.

jb star

What is your favorite part about making jewelry?

To see the joy on a customer’s face when they purchase or receive my jewelry as a gift — that’s what it’s all about. It’s about crafting romance and creating dreams. Being a part of the celebration of love and life between two individuals drives us to be passionate. It’s our labor of love.

Lastly, what’s something we might not know about diamonds or diamond rings?

From a man’s perspective, sometimes it is hard to grasp why women revere diamond jewelry — the elegance of it and the feeling it provides them. We want to transcend that by educating the male customer and providing him with a high degree of service, education and quality assurance.

To see the incredible designs from JB Star, visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


Giving the gift of fine jewelry is always a good way to let someone know how much you care. But if you’re looking to go above and beyond for that special someone, consider having a personalized message engraved on a pendant, watch or ring. A sweet note of love, appreciation or friendship is just the thing to take a piece of jewelry from lovely to extraordinary.

Read on to learn a few ways you can leave your mark on a special piece of jewelry.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.00.42 AM

Wedding Bands

Adding a special engraved message is the perfect way to add that touch of romance and personality to your wedding bands. You might choose to engrave your wedding date, the coordinates of your wedding venue or a certain sentiment that means a lot to you both — the options are only limited by your imagination. Some couples take things a step further and use jewels as spacers between the month, day and year of their engraved date.

If you’re no longer newlyweds but are instead celebrating an upcoming wedding anniversary, you can choose to have your wedding bands engraved in honor of the many happy years you’ve spent together. Engraving your wedding bands is a romantic gesture and a lasting expression of love between you and your spouse. Engraved rings are likely to become family heirlooms that will be passed down from generation to generation.


Engraved watches are timeless gifts for marking a special occasion for grooms, groomsmen, graduates and fathers alike. A beautiful watch is a fashionable yet practical gift that a man will use throughout his entire life, and adding an engraved sentiment will transform that timepiece into something that’s uniquely him. It will remind him of that certain milestone — whether it be a birthday, anniversary, promotion or holiday — and that special someone who was there to share it with him.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 10.00.50 AM


Once you’ve found a special piece of jewelry for a special person, turn it into a one-of-a-kind gift with an engraved message. Personalized pendants make thoughtful, meaningful gifts that will be cherished for years to come. Give an engraved pendant necklace for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or even “just because.”

For an exquisite selection of jewelry and timepieces to personalize, visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


On Friday, April 1, 1–5 PM and Saturday, April 2, 10 AM–6 PM, Eiseman Jewels will celebrate Perfect Pairs, its second-annual wedding band event. Whether you’re looking for just the right set of bands for your wedding or a special piece of jewelry to commemorate an anniversary, visit Eiseman’s NorthPark Center salon to enjoy light refreshments and shop the latest collections from renowned designers like Bez Ambar, Crown Ring, JB Star, Precision Set, the Eiseman Collection and Furrer Jacot.xmascard-quer_matterhorn.jpeg

Speaking of Furrer Jacot, there are few people in the world more qualified to speak on wedding bands than Lucas Ruppli, who’s been Head of Design at Furrer Jacot for the last 25 years. Born in Schaffhausen, a small town in Switzerland famous for its gold and silversmith ateliers, Ruppli spent his childhood collecting gemstones, which ultimately inspired him to become a goldsmith.

We caught up with Mr. Ruppli to get his thoughts on wedding band trends for the year ahead.

What are your favorite wedding band trends for 2016?

Straightforward wedding bands with subtle details are in this year, and so are bands constructed with new and different materials.

How will these trends be incorporated in Furrer Jacot styles?

This year, we are launching our new Furrer Jacot Milgrain Collection. Our milgrain is different than others on the market—it is like a row of small pyramids, which reflect more. At the same time, it is very smooth and elegant.

How have wedding bands and wedding traditions changed over the last 20 years?

Jewelry design is a lot like every other type of design in that trends wax and wane from narrow and thin to wide and heavy and back; from deep yellow gold to white gold and back.

Today, diamonds play a more important role on men’s bands than 20 years ago. Also, men are a bit more adventurous overall in terms of designs and materials. Our Carbon Collection is very popular; it features hand-wound carbon fiber application on precious metals.

Where does your inspiration come from and how does it translate into your designs?

Sometimes I just start drawing, but I usually get my inspiration from nature and architecture. If I am in Japan or in New York, I draw differently, since it has to do with the feelings a place brings out in me. The inspiration for Furrer Jacot’s latest collection, for example, was sports. We used carbon fiber to create something very sporty, contemporary and linear. Therefore, this collection was actually inspired by the new material itself.

What do you most love about bridal jewelry?


What is your favorite new style or collection this year?

It’s definitely the new Furrer Jacot Milgrain Collection. I think that the twist on this classic design form has turned out to be very attractive on these rings.

What does a man’s wedding band say about his personality?

In order for a wedding band to express a man’s personality, he has to be true to himself. He can’t choose the band according to trends. He must choose the band he loves. If he is daring, his choice should reflect that. If he is a classic guy, then a straightforward, beautifully crafted band will reflect his personality best.


How does someone go about selecting the perfect band?

Lifestyle plays a role. Someone who works with his or her hands or who is a sporty, outdoorsy type will need a stronger band than someone who works mainly in an office. In either case, the band will show some wear and tear after a while, which will only add charm and character.

What advice do you have for young couples choosing their wedding rings?

They should really spend some time together thinking about what their symbol of union and love means to them and then find a style that represents it.

For beautiful, unique wedding bands — including bands by Furrer Jacot — visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2 during our Perfect Pairs Wedding Band Event. Plus, don’t forget to follow Eiseman on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

wedding checklist

Just when a newly married couple thinks they’re safe from to-do lists, they’re faced with an entirely new set of tasks to tackle once the big day has come and gone. Here’s our quick and easy post-wedding checklist to help you tie up loose ends after your wedding day:

wedding checklist

Eiseman couple, Aaron & Whitney


Whether or not you decide to have your gown preserved, you should at least have it professionally cleaned within six months of your wedding. If you do decide to preserve your dress, ask your seamstress or the store where you purchased the dress to recommend a skilled preservationist. Once it’s been preserved, store the box in a place where it’s protected from heat, moisture and direct sunlight (like an out-of-the-way closet, not the dank basement).

If you decide not to preserve your gown, consider donating it to charity or consigning it to help women with smaller budgets find a gorgeous gown.


Most couples don’t look forward to handwriting 100+ personalized notes after their wedding, but there are ways to make the task more manageable. As soon as you return from your honeymoon, get a jump-start on writing your thank-you note—especially if there were a lot of guests at the wedding. They’ll take more time to write than you think!

To avoid becoming overwhelmed, calculate the number of notes you need to write and break that number into manageable chunks—say 10 notes a night. Print off address and return address labels on your computer if you can—it’s neater and will save you a ton of time. Finally, get your husband involved! Have him tackle the notes to his friends and family while do yours (though you should each sign your names on every card). You should have all of your thank-you notes in the mail by, at most, two months after the wedding.


If you’re moving after your wedding, it’s perfectly acceptable to send a mass email with your new address to friends, family and colleagues. But if you’re going the traditional route, paper moving announcements can be slipped in with your thank-you notes.


Now’s the time to return multiples, items you didn’t register for or things simply don’t like or won’t use. Bite the bullet and return these items within two months of your wedding. You don’t want all those toasters collecting dust for the next six months. Plus, the sooner you return them, the more certain you are to receive their full value back (and possibly receive less of a hassle from retailers). Your reward will be spending the value of the returned items on something else on your registry that you may not have received (or on something else you love!).


If you plan on taking your husband’s name, there are many forms that need to be filled out, including those regarding your driver’s license, Social Security card, bank accounts and passport. Ideally, you should change all your IDs within 90 days of the wedding.


Now that you’ve officially tied the knot, there are a lifetime of birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays to look forward to! Just as we helped you select the perfect ring and bands, the specialists at Eiseman are looking forward to helping you mark all of your milestones as a couple.

Just think: The sooner you check these tasks off your list, the sooner you’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy your new life together!

eiseman engagement

Beth and Diane of Allen, Texas met through mutual friends in June 2003 and dated for ten years before getting engaged in Chicago on their tenth anniversary. Diane owns her own meeting planning and consulting business, while Beth works as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

eiseman engagement

The two were married in San Diego, California at the Rancho Bernardo Inn Resort and Spa. The wedding took place on the lawn, under beautiful sunny skies (they say it doesn’t rain in southern California, but it poured the day before the wedding). The ceremony was followed by a champagne brunch. Friends and family traveled from all over the country (including Hawaii) to join the happy couple on their big day.

eiseman engagement

The couple went into Eiseman Jewels with certain bands in mind, but their sales associate suggested different rings after working with them for a while. And she was right—the bands they ultimately chose were absolutely perfect for the couple (white gold with three rows of pave diamonds). Beth and Diane are thrilled with their purchase and the service.

eiseman engagement

“Our wedding bands were the first purchases we made at Eiseman Jewels. We actually bought them for our 10-year anniversary and since then we have made several more purchases—always from Helene!”


Wedding planning

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You want everything to be perfect—and that’s why it’s best to look to the experts. Luckily for modern brides-to-be, there are countless online planning resources out there for every kind of wedding these days. Here are a few of our favorites.

Wedding planning


As one of the most popular and comprehensive wedding-planning websites around, The Knot has everything you need to plan the perfect wedding. You’ll find information on dresses, planning tools and local wedding vendors as well as plenty of ideas and inspiration. They’ve even got a special feature called Real Weddings to which couples can submit wedding photos for consideration for their site and magazine.


Wedding Wire provides an easy way to find local wedding venues, cakes, dresses, invitations and more. There are tools that let you design your floor plan and map out a seating chart, a wedding-planning checklist that can be filtered by month or category, and links to lots of handy wedding apps.


You can always count on Martha for entertaining advice—especially when it comes to the biggest party you’ll likely ever throw in your life. She’s got tips on everything from gowns and bouquets to invitations and traditions. Martha Stewart Weddings also features registry tips, gift-giving ideas and—of course—an etiquette advisor.


In today’s digital age, plenty of couples opt to create their own wedding websites in order to share details and updates with friends and loved ones leading up to the big day. Squarespace, an easy-to-use website-building tool, offers mobile-optimized templates that make it easy for couples to tell their unique stories online. Use it to create RSVP forms, registry links, maps, photo galleries and more.


The experts at Eiseman Jewels have been helping brides and grooms find the perfect engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding day accessories and bridal party gifts for 50 years.

Visit the wedding experts at our store at NorthPark Center in Dallas, and peruse our extensive blog archive for ideas and advice on just about everything you need to know about planning your big day, including:

wedding bands

Spring marks an exciting time at Eiseman Jewels—the beginning of bridal season! This year, we hosted our first-ever Perfect Pairs wedding band event at our newly designed Eiseman store at NorthPark Center to celebrate the start of the season. From April 2-4, our highly trained staff and jewelry designers were on hand to answer questions about wedding bands and showcase our brand new collections.

wedding bands               wedding bands

We were honored to be able to share in every couples’ excitement as they came in to pick out wedding bands for one another. Models stunned in custom bridal collections by Nardos Imam. We also helped mothers select jewelry to go with their gowns and grooms choose the perfect groomsmen’s gifts, such as one-of-a-kind knives, beautiful cufflinks or classic timepieces. It was the perfect celebration of love, spring colors and sunny days ahead for us all!

wedding bands              wedding bands

Everyone who purchased a band received a gift certificate toward their next jewelry purchase, a bottle of Moët & Chandon, discounts towards Bell’Invito Stationers and Suite 206 Luxury Event Rentals and a Parigi Restaurant gift certificate for dinner on us.

wedding bands             wedding bands

We wish all the happy couples love and prosperity in their new lives together and hope that Eiseman can serve as your family jeweler for years to come.


wedding bands

Stacked rings—a dazzling alternative to traditional engagement rings and single wedding bands—are all the rage, and it seems to be trend with real staying power. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this modern look, whether you choose channel-set or pavé eternity bands, thin delicate bands or even just simple metal bands. Multiple bands stacked together can be worn with or without your engagement ring.

wedding bands

Eiseman Specialist Megan Martin says: “Don’t be afraid to want bling. It’s your wedding band! And it’s a great place to add more sparkle—especially if the engagement ring is simpler, such as a solitaire, or if it only has a few stones on the shank of the engagement ring. The wedding band is personal and there are no ‘rules’ except that you must love it.”

wedding bands

“Many women ask me if they should solder their engagement ring and wedding band together to make one ring,” Martin says. “And while that’s one way to do it, most like the idea of keeping their options open—being able to wear only the band or to pair it with the engagement ring if they so choose. This gives them the freedom to stack them with other rings down the road.

wedding bands

Martin says that some women even choose bands to celebrate life’s precious milestones. One hot trend with new moms is incorporating their baby’s birthstone into their bands. Eiseman Jewelscarries several eternity bands in sapphire, ruby and pink sapphire for a more colorful option.

wedding bands

Your engagement ring will be with you forever, but your style is ever-changing. Layered bands can be switched out as you please for a look that’s uniquely yours. And they aren’t just for the soon-to-be-married—stackable wedding rings are for any bride who wants to dress up her ring finger.


45822623_lWhen George Clooney married lawyer Amal Alamuddin in September, their personal wedding monogram—a script “A” embracing a sans serif “G”—was spotted on everything from champagne bottles to the flags on the vintage water taxis they rode through Venice. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to design your own wedding monogram. Whether your monogram is modern, traditional or vintage, the specialists at Eiseman Jewels offer these five ideas for integrating a monogram into your big day.

{Monogram Madness}
Stationary: Include the monogram on all the wedding stationery and printed materials including save the dates, invitations, ceremony programs, reception menus and thank you notes.  

Rings: The Eiseman Jewels designers can help you and your fiancé create custom wedding bands that include your monogram. Depending on how the monogram is designed, they may also be able to engrave it inside the rings.  

Cake: Talk to your cake designer about incorporating the monogram on your wedding cake. If that’s not possible, consider having your monogram made into a custom cake topper.  

Reception: From table runners and napkins to chair backs and the dance floor, there are a variety of ways to make your wedding monogram a part of the reception itself.  

Glassware: Of course you can have your monogram printed on wine, champagne and even beer labels for the reception, but you might also consider etching the design on a set of glassware to commemorate your wedding for years to come.  

For more wedding monogram ideas, check out the pins on Eiseman Jewels’ Monogram Madness Pinterest page.


29845118_lWhether you’re a groom who likes to be involved in every aspect of wedding planning or your style is more hands-off, there are some wedding responsibilities all grooms should fulfill. The specialists at Eiseman Jewels offer this groom’s checklist for to ensure he’s completely ready for the big day.


12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Agree on a wedding date, budget and wedding/reception locations with your fiancée.
  • Select and ask best man and groomsmen if they’ll be in your wedding party.
  • Start compiling the guest list.


Nine Months Before

  • Agree on the location and menu for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Register for gifts with your fiancée.
  • Meet and book an officiant.
  • Reserve a DJ or band.
  • Finalize the guest list.
  • Discuss the honeymoon location and budget.
  • Help your fiancée send out save the dates.
  • Select and order the wedding invitations.


Six Months Before

  • Select wedding bands.
  • Select and order the men’s formal wear.
  • Get measured for a tuxedo.
  • Arrange wedding transportation.
  • Finalize your honeymoon plans.
  • Check hotel availability for your guests.


Three Months Before

  • Decide on your rehearsal outfit.
  • Choose the song for mother/groom dance.
  • Check the requirements for marriage license.


Eight Weeks Before


Four Weeks Before

  • Get the marriage license.
  • Confirm the honeymoon reservations.
  • Confirm transportation to all events.
  • Give the final guest count for the reception.
  • Pick up the wedding bands.
  • Get your teeth whitened.


Two Weeks Before

  • Enjoy your bachelor party!
  • Create a wedding day schedule.


One Week Before

  • Confirm rehearsal dinner plans.
  • Pack for the honeymoon.
  • Prepare your reception speech.
  • Arrange for flowers to be delivered to the bride, your mother and the mother of the bride.
  • Pay the officiant.
  • Confirm that the best man and groomsmen are prepared.


One to Two Days Before

  • Get your hair cut.
  • Pick up the tuxedo rentals.
  • Give best man the officiant’s fee.
  • Write a sweet “I love you” note to the bride for the morning of the wedding.


Wedding Day

  • Give the wedding rings to the best man.
  • Give the wedding license to the officiant.
  • Give your wedding gift to bride.

Now take a deep breath and relax. Your wedding day is the beginning of lifetime of love and happiness—enjoy it!