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Watchmaking Heritage and Know-How Since 1830

Baume & Mercier enjoys international recognition and is the seventh oldest Swiss watchmaking brand. Baume & Mercier, a family saga, has been making its mark on watchmaking history since its inception. We are committed to perpetuating this heritage and continuing to pass down this know-how to future generations.

The history of Baume & Mercier is one worthy of a great saga. When I took over, it was recounted to me by Simone Gaudard, Louis-Victor Baume's great-grand-daughter, one of the founders of our watchmaking firm.

I was fascinated and delved into our archives and collection of historic documents which took me through almost two centuries of history. This living memory conveys the values that I personally adhere to: excellence, authenticity, open-mindedness and generosity. Making Baume & Mercier the essential partner of special moments in life - a birthday, a first job, a reunion - those that make the heart race in all cultures and all continents, is the goal I pursue with fervor and deep pride.

All Baume & Mercier watches are produced at our Watch Workshops located in Les Brenets, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains. It is there that an assembly process of the very highest quality takes place, based on a traditional method of watch production known in French as "établissage" (the division of labor between a range of specialist craftsmen). In its modern form, this method makes it possible to concentrate the expertise of the best collaborators working in the sector, while at the same time maintaining internal control of all key operations and ensuring a very high degree of flexibility.

By working in close collaboration with recognized partners and watchmaking specialists, we have guaranteed access to the best components. We use only equipment, movements and processes that have proved their worth over many years, which makes our watches both reliable and efficient." Daniel Braillard, Director of Industrial Production at Baume & Mercier.

"Accept only perfection. Only manufacture watches of the highest quality".

The original motto of the Baume brothers applies today in the Baume & Mercier Watch Workshops in Les Brenets, in the Swiss watchmaking area, where the same century-old gestures are repeated day after day opposite a typical, fir-clad Swiss landscape. A journey to the realm of the masters of time, to the heart of the workshops where all Baume & Mercier's watches are assembled.

A mixture of modernity and tradition, of authenticity and creativity, a Baume & Mercier watch is the culmination of a long process of balanced reflection and teamwork. The role of the Design Studio, directed by Alexandre Peraldi, is to manage the delicate creative development of all new Baume & Mercier watches. The secret of the success of the integrated production department located in the heart of the Baume & Mercier head office, near Geneva, lies in finding the right balance between the aesthetics defined by the Design Studio in conjunction with the product development teams and the technical production capacities defined by the technical development engineers.

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