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An Obsession With Quality

Breitling has its very own place among watch brands: the highly exclusive ‘stronghold’ of technical watches, mainly chronographs. A longstanding partner of aviation, a field where reliability and precision play a vital role, the brand has always devoted premier importance to the quality of its products, designed to withstand intensive use in the most trying conditions. Breitling equips all its models (both mechanical and quartz) with chronometer-certified movements – the ultimate benchmark in terms of reliability and precision, and the only one based on an international norm. Breitling wrist instruments are 100% Swiss made, from case to movement and from dial to strap/bracelet.

Whether it comes to enhancing the precision of its movements, reinforcing the sturdiness of the cases, improving the readability of the dials or developing new functions, the firm constantly optimizes the performances of its “instruments for professionals” in harmony with the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking.

From component production to assembly and casing-up of the watches, and including the countless tests performed during the production process, each Breitling chronograph springs to life through a subtle alliance between hand, eye and machine. Because for certain operations, nothing can match the latest high-tech developments, and industrialization results in infinitely more precise tolerances than manual work.

Breitling is a chronograph specialist that has played a key role in the technical development of this complication, including by inventing the two independent pushpieces and by presenting the first selfwinding chronograph (1969). The firm belongs to the highly exclusive circle of watch manufacturers possessing their very own mechanical chronograph movements: a range of high-performance in-house made calibers endowed with useful and user-friendly functions (including innovative dual-time and worldtime systems), and accompanied by an exceptional five-year warranty. To ensure complete mastery of the quality of its mechanical movements, Breitling built an ultramodern factory on the outskirts of La Chaux-de-Fonds and named Breitling Chronométrie. Moreover, the electronic models are all equipped with SuperQuartz™ movements that are ten times more accurate than the standard quartz equivalents.

Breitling cases are designed to accompany professionals on their most extreme missions. They must therefore provide maximum protection in case of impacts, and each detail of their construction has been developed and tested to withstand intensive use. They are also distinguished by their technical complexity, their high-end aesthetic appeal and the quality of their finishing.

Featuring aesthetic sophistication, a refined play on hollowed and raised surfaces, as well as meticulous finishing, the dials of Breitling chronographs and watches require mastery of cutting-edge production methods combining traditional skills with ultra-modern technologies. Each detail has been designed to enable optimal read-off of information at a glance, just like on an instrument panel.

Making a hand such as the famous Breitling chronograph center seconds hand adorned with the Breitling B calls for meticulous care and a number of different operations. Machining tolerances are minimal and handling is a truly delicate task. Few manufacturers today are able to master the finesse of blanking and quality of finish needed to meet the Breitling standards. This concern for even the smallest details is reflected in all the hands equipping the brand’s chronographs and wrist instruments.

To guarantee products complying with the highest technical and aesthetic parameters, not only does Breitling work with the finest suppliers and entrust production to the most expert watchmakers using the most sophisticated equipment, but the firm has also instated comprehensive and stringent test procedures. A Breitling chronometer thus undergoes no less than 1,000 controls during the production process.

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