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Exquisite Colored Gemstones

Goshwara was the term used to describe a perfect teardrop shape in the court of Persian and Indian kings. Meant to display the perfect proportions, the shape was also considered the very embodiment of femininity due to its soft but luxurious curves. Only the finest craftsmen could create a goshwara, and only the finest Goshwara's were considered suitable for the royal court.

It is this sense of perfection and beauty that guides GOSHWARA’s jewelry today. Produced by craftsmen who follow the same tenets as the masters of centuries ago, the jewelry’s sensuous curves and confident colors signify the values of the goshwara. In a world where tradition has too often given way to the latest and greatest, jewelry by GOSHWARA is guided by the principles that remain timeless.

GOSHWARA is not just a name, it's a philosophy.