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Temple St. Clair

Jewelry is a very personal form of self-expression. A piece of jewelry may celebrate a milestone, remind you of a loved one or represent something else special in your life. Jewelry can be a reflection of our values, beliefs, culture or accomplishments. It is a way we tell the world a little about who we are.

That personal relationship with jewelry is something that designer Temple St. Clair understands intimately. It’s the reason why her iconic amulet has become her signature piece, both in her everyday life and in her jewelry collections.

Temple St. Clair

“My amulets embody and represent the history of our human relationship to jewelry,” St. Clair says. “The transparent yet luminous quality of the rock crystal is chameleon-like, becoming essentially an extension of its owner.”

The Origins of the Temple St. Clair Amulet

The essential Temple St. Clair jewel, the rock crystal amulet, is one of the first pieces the designer ever created and remains her most iconic. Originally inspired by an exhibit of charms and amulets from the personal collection of Lorenzo de’Medici, St. Clair was fascinated by the mysteries and meanings contained in these pocket-sized wearable treasures. It was these exotic jewels that led her to design and create her first amulet out of gold and rock crystal.

Temple St. Clair

Since then, her collection has grown to include 18 iterations of the original — all beautiful, all fashioned from 18-karat gold, but now with the addition of precious gems and stones. There is the vine amulet created for the Diana, goddess of the hunt; there are crystal amulets embraced by royal blue moonstone starfish fit for mermaids; amulets alight with bees, flowers and dragonflies; and cosmic amulets that track the phases of the moon.

Temple St. Clair

“I am endlessly fascinated to see how others choose, wear, and make these amulets their very own,” St. Clair says.

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temple st clair blogEiseman Jewels strives to bring our customers the most unique and beautiful jewelry from all around the world. But it’s our wonderful vendors who help us to make this vision into a reality. This month, we’d like to recognize Temple St. Clair for their one-of-a-kind pieces and dedication to the work we do at Eiseman Jewels each and every day.


Founded in 1986 in Florence, Italy, by designer Temple St. Clair Carr, Temple St Clair Fine Jewelry is known for modern classic style, an impeccable use of fine colored gemstones and distinctive gold work. The philosophy of the company is to offer the highest quality in fine jewelry while introducing collectors to timeless design, exquisite colored gemstones and gold craftsmanship. From signature rock crystal amulets to collectible cocktail rings, there is always an occasion for Temple St. Clair pieces. Here are a few of our favorite aquamarine pieces:


Wedding wear. What better way to complement your gorgeous gown than with these simply stunning aquamarine and diamond baubles? Ornate enough to stand out from the rest, yet demure enough to blend in to your wedding vision, these earrings offer a touch of elegance for any bride on her special day.


Bridal gifts. For the girls who have your back through thick and thin, a Temple St. Clair angel charm is the perfect way to say, “Thank you.” Whether its for your Maid of Honor, wedding party or just a dear friend, this classic charm can be worn around the neck, wrist or even attached to a bridal bouquet as a unique accent piece.


Engagement photos. Your engagement photos can be used on everything from Save the Dates to Thank You Notes to décor at your wedding events, so go with a style that fits every occasion. Temple St. Clair’s gold, aquamarine and diamond necklace catch the light perfectly and provide that classically beautiful look you’ll want in your engagement photo shoot.


Anniversary present. Just because she already has one radiant rock on her finger doesn’t mean she can’t have another. This oversized aquamarine teardrop stone is the ideal gift for the woman in your life. Set in gold to highlight its luster and shine, this ring not only shows you care, but it shows you have style.


Night out on the town. Whether you’re going to the theatre or a five-star restaurant, dressing to the nines is a must. These aquamarine clusters pair well with everything from a simple black dress to a floor length gown. Put your hair up to show off these dazzling dangles, or leave your hair down to soften the shimmer. Either way, don’t leave these earrings at home on your next night out.


Stop by Eiseman Jewels today and our specialists will find the right Temple St. Clair piece for you!