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David Webb

Known as “America’s Quintessential Jeweler,” David Webb was a creative visionary whose bold, beautiful statement pieces have been highly sought-after by everyone from socialites to movie stars. Long after his passing, Webb’s legacy continues to make an impact on the jewelry and fashion worlds.

When Webb was just nine years old, he was introduced to metalwork and quickly developed a passion for jewelry-making. He eventually apprenticed at his uncle’s factory, and at 17, he moved from South Carolina to New York City to pursue his craft full-time. At 23, he opened the doors to his flagship store on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. It would go on to become one of the greatest luxury jewelry houses in America. Just two years later, his jewelry was featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine. And the rest, as they say, is history.

David Webb

Best known for his animal designs, Webb’s jewelry was recognizable for its decorative, bold use of color and impeccable attention to detail. His design influences ranged from his boyhood memories of the South to his explorations of faraway places and ancient cultures. He excelled in his use of yellow gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones to bring the creations of his imagination to life.

David Webb

Webb’s iconic jewelry has been worn by everyone from Hollywood A-listers to American royalty since the brand was founded in the late 1940s. Some of his clients included Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Estée Lauder, Lana Turner, Jackie Kennedy and even generations of Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. Elizabeth Taylor featured four pages of David Webb jewelry in the photo book of her famous collection, “My Love Affair with Jewelry.” And Diana Vreeland, the legendary editor of Harper’s Bazaar, was rarely seen without her favorite David Webb zebra bangle.

More recently, you’ll spot stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Mendez, Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz wearing Webb’s jewelry to Hollywood parties, award shows and galas.

David Webb Estate at Eiseman Jewels

David Webb

David Webb left behind an incredibly rich and diverse archive of bold, beautiful and intricate jewelry that continues to be treasured by new generations of jewelry enthusiasts. At Eiseman Jewels, we have a stunning collection of vintage David Webb pieces in stock in our Estate Collection. Our current pieces include an eye-catching 18-karat yellow gold, emerald and diamond Tuscan-style cocktail ring, as well as an intricate 18-karat yellow gold grasshopper brooch made with emeralds, diamonds and enamel.

While our customers were once required to visit us at our location in NorthPark Center in Dallas to browse our collection of estate jewelry, we’re happy to announce that you can now conveniently view our Estate Collection online.

Or, if you prefer to view our unique selection of David Webb estate designs — or any other pieces in our Estate Collection — in person, visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


single stone

At Eiseman Jewels, our commitment to providing the highest level of service, quality and expertise is evident from the jewelry designers we choose to align ourselves with — including one of our newest designers, Single Stone.

Single Stone draws inspiration from vintage details and the charm of antique diamonds for their engagement rings and wedding bands. Whether you’re searching for a carefully restored vintage piece or a custom, one-of-a-kind heirloom, each of Single Stone’s stunning pieces is designed to mark life’s most treasured moments.

single stone

The foundation for the Single Stone brand was laid in 1988 by founder Ari Madilian, who started his career working with his mentor learning about diamonds and the jewelry industry. A year later, Ari’s wife Corina joined him in designing and producing jewelry using vintage diamonds. Once the allure of the vintage diamonds captured their hearts, there was no going back. In 2008, they decided to launch the Single Stone collection as a full brand.

single stone

All Single Stone jewelry is manufactured by hand in Los Angeles and is made specifically for the center stone and features old-cut stones from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Deriving inspiration from the vintage pieces in their collection, Single Stone’s new designs incorporate both vintage and modern elements for a charming look that’s fresh and classic at the same time.

single stone

Single Stone pieces are designed to become a part of the wearer’s everyday life, and to be dressed up or down with effortless sophistication. They’re meant to be worn by someone who wants a unique piece of jewelry and who appreciates the beauty of diamonds that were cut over 100 years ago. This jewelry is timeless and sophisticated with an edge, and is as individual as the wearer itself.

To shop an exquisite selection of Single Stone designs, visit Eiseman Jewels, Single Stone’s exclusive North Texas retailer, at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


Jewelry is an investment, and its price tag often reflects that status. But there is a way to get the beautiful, high-quality pieces you desire without taking out a second mortgage. How? Buying pre-owned and/or trading in used items for new. Below are some advantages to coming by your jewelry secondhand.


Buying previously owned pieces is a great way to get beautiful jewelry for the best value. At Eiseman Jewels, we offer fair pricing on pre-owned pieces, meaning you may be able to take home those diamond earrings sooner than you thought!

Vintage Jewelry is In

Jewelry that comes with a history has character that sets it apart from other pieces. It’s often unique and one of a kind.

It Has a Warranty

Every piece of pre-owned jewelry at Eiseman has received a thorough inspection and been lovingly restored to like-new conditions. Plus, CPO watches come with a warranty guaranteeing its quality.

It’s Eco-friendly

Think of buying a recycled diamond as doing the planet a favor. There are plenty of diamonds to go around.

Find a Discontinued Watch

You might think that watch you had your eye on 10 years ago and weren’t able to buy at the time is gone forever. Maybe not. Let our experts work their magic to try and track down that long-lost love.

Trade In What You Don’t Wear

Your taste at 25 or 30 may not be the same at 45 or 50. Instead of keeping that collection of jewelry and watches you never wear stowed away in a jewelry box, turn them into equity on your next purchase. Who knows? You may end up trading something in for a new (or new to you) piece you adore!

The next time you’re at NorthPark Center in Dallas, stop into Eiseman Jewels and take a look at our beautiful selection of estate jewelry.

Richard and Louise Eiseman

Anyone who’s stepped inside our store will tell you that personal service makes the difference between Eiseman Jewels and big corporate franchises. Richard Eiseman, Jr.—son of Eiseman Jewels founder Richard Eiseman, Sr.—knows that firsthand.

“Our sales staff is committed to building relationships, not making sales,” he says. “Customers who come in are given a lot of time, care and service. Our business is built on return buyers. They remember the experience they had in our store and come back because they’re comfortable.”

Richard and Louise Eiseman

Richard Jr. has been part of the Eiseman legacy for most of its 51-year history, starting from stacking watch boxes for his allowance and helping behind the counter as he grew older. After graduating from Greenhill and Claremont College and earning a graduate degree from the Gemological Institute of America, he worked side-by-side with his father until the elder Mr. Eiseman passed away in 1996.

And after all these years, seeing customers’ eyes light up is still his favorite part of the job. “Seeing the happiness that our jewelry brings to the recipient—and, oftentimes, the next generation—is the reason I do what I do,” he says

Personal service is the cornerstone on which the family business is built. And there are no plans to change that, Richard says. “We’ll continue to serve our clients on an individual basis.”

Louise Eiseman is the first to point out that her son, Richard Jr., has the same excellent taste, eye for quality and business sense that her late husband had—and it’s those qualities that form the foundation of their successful family-owned business.

Richard Eiseman Sr. and Jr.

“I love the idea that some of the same customers who purchased their engagement rings from my husband now return to buy 20th anniversary gifts from my son,” she says.

Mrs. Eiseman believes that if a woman can only afford one piece of jewelry, it should be a strand of pearls. “They’ll never go out of style and can be worn morning, noon or night,” she says.

Though not active in the family business on a day-to-day basis, she wants customers to know that Eiseman Jewels will “be here for them with the very best personal service and attention—hopefully forever.”


1AvqjD4_nv_uv2fvioD8-Xz_nPgOy6uvTZDI-8-oYlUWhat do you give to the woman who would give you the world? This Mother’s Day (or any day, for that matter), come to Eiseman Jewels and pick out a modern-day heirloom designed by our Designer of the Month, Monica Rich Kosann.

As a jewelry and home accessory designer, Kosann creates irreplaceable pieces that tell personal stories through jewelry. Her collection of distinctive 18-karat gold lockets, charms and charm bracelets, necklaces, pocket watch keys and earrings can preserve memories for generations to come.

Kosann began creating her unique designs after she and her husband started scouring antique shows and flea markets for vintage lockets, cigarette cases and powder compacts that she could repurpose to hold family photographs. Demand for her designs increased, JsDvs7221jT3-oriNNccxLsR501Skr1i8jmssJTkjsAand she began to develop her own line of jewelry and home accessories. Today, Kosann’s jewelry, image cases and frames are sold in more than 70 stores across the country.

In 2010, Kosann recieved the Rising Star Award for Fine Jewelry by the Fashion Group International in January 2010, and in June of that same year, she was accepted as a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

While all of Kosann’s jewelry is perfect for marking the milestones in a woman’s life, the specialists at Eiseman Jewels have picked out a few pieces that would be ideal to give to your mom this Mother’s Day.


Monogrammed Gold Locket. Classic and chic with an air of contemporary glitz, this oval locket is adorned with a customizable diamond monogram. Not only can your mother keep a picture of her loved ones close to her heart, but she can do so with a style that complements any occasion, from a day at the office to a swanky cocktail party and everything in between.

Charm Bracelet/Charms. Commemorate the charmed life your mother gave you with any combination of charms from the Monica Rich Kosann collection. Whether you want to remember a trip you took together, a hobby you share or simply a special day from years ago, a charm bracelet can encompass those moments in high style.

KY3ojvwH8co4-YzvFxj_et7YZ20gwGcqfU_s5DLX6kgGemstone Pendants. Opal, moonstone, jade or amber—Monica Rich Kosann has your mom’s favorite color covered. Surprise her with one of these beautifully embellished gemstone pendants dangling from an elegant and eclectic gold chain.


While the memories you make with your mother are easily worth their weight in gold, Monica Rich Kosann’s designs give you a chance to combine the two. Stop by Eiseman Jewels today to see more pieces from Kosann’s collections.

peridot + mojito

You’re dressed to the nines and ready for a night out on the town. And what’s the best way to accessorize your go-to little black dress? Eiseman Jewels has a few ideas. With a plethora of cocktail rings to choose from—from aquamarine to fancy yellow diamonds—we’re sure to have a ring to turn any ordinary outfit into an outstanding one. So with a drink in hand and a ring on your finger, see how some of our favorite cocktail rings pair with some of our favorite cocktail drinks.

opal + martini

Opal Center Stone with Diamond Outline + Martini. Martinis and opals have a lot more in common than their status as a classic go-to. They’re also both chameleons — they change their look (or flavor) based on what you want to see (or drink). This radiant opal ring surrounded with dazzling diamonds matches the splash of sophistication you’ll feel while sipping a martini made just the way you like it.

rubellite + cosmo

Rubellite and Diamond + Cosmopolitan. Vodka, cranberry and lime Cosmos mix the sweet with the savory, and so does this rubellite and diamond concoction. Aside from their rich reds, both the ring and the drink share a sense of high-end fashion and panache. The whimsical diamond pattern that surrounds the deep red stone is unique without being over-the-top, just like the fun and fruity Cosmopolitan.

amber + old fashioned

Seaman Schepps Amber and Gold + Old Fashioned. There’s nothing old-fashioned about this oversized amber stone in an ornate gold setting. As timeless as the bourbon-based drink itself, this beautiful Seaman Schepps piece is rich, yet tasteful.

brown diamonds + manhattan

Fancy Brown and Yellow Diamond Rings with Traditional Diamond Outline + Manhattan. Perfect for Park Avenue (or Dallas’s Park Lane), these stunning and colorful diamonds add style to even the simplest of cocktails. As Manhattans can be made from a variety of whiskey blends, these rings can be worn all at once, or stand alone for a strikingly elegant effect.

peridot + mojito

Temple St. Clair Peridot, Diamond and Gold + Mojito. This gorgeous green center stone, sitting atop a delicate gold setting adorned with dots of diamonds and golden leaves, will perfectly match your springtime Mojito. Refreshing, inviting and demure, this ring evokes the flavor of fresh mint, making it a must-have for any warm night out on the town.

Find the perfect cocktail ring to match your cocktail of choice at Eiseman Jewels. Bottoms up to baubles and bubbles!


No matter how dazzling the diamond or how glistening the gold, Eiseman Jewels knows that it’s impossible to put a monetary value on a sentimental piece. But we also know that not all of your sentimental pieces fit your personal style. That’s why we take great pride in repurposing and redesigning unique estate jewelry and stones, and want to help you turn your outdated, yet meaningful baubles into a modern-day work of art.

Here are a few things to know about Eiseman Jewels’ estate jewelry services when considering buying or updating your jewelry:

A girl’s best friend. Eiseman Jewels not only sells new, certified diamonds, but also purchases antique diamonds to be repurposed and used in contemporary pieces. For example, antique cushion diamonds are out of style, but we’re able to take an antique cut and modernize it to make it timely.

Say yes.  While repurposing a family stone for a new engagement ring is a popular way to propose, we understand that some buyers can be superstitious and hesitant to use a ring or stone that belonged to someone else. However, Eiseman jewelers are experts at creating brand new, unique pieces. Additionally, if the groom chooses to maintain the style of the vintage ring, we can update and/or enhance it without losing the sentimental value behind the original piece.

The time is now. Diamonds aren’t the only materials of value Eiseman can repurpose. Swiss watches, pocket watches and just about any heirloomed timepiece can be updated to match modern times. Bring your watch by the store and one of our specialists will be able to go over your options in more detail.

Trading spaces. Depending on the piece, Eiseman Jewels does consider trade-ins. But when dealing with estate jewelry its best to be aware of how the changing price of gold and silver can play a factor in the piece’s monetary worth.

Ready to repurpose? Getting started is easy. Call to make an appointment or stop by Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center and one of our specialists will be more than happy to assist you!

b7d9fea713c877c12876fac07d53b2ecAs you prepare for your wedding, there are thousands of little details you have to consider.

If you’ve already planned for something new and borrowed, choose something with a little sparkle for your ‘something blue.’ Eiseman Jewels has plenty of baubles in blue to fit whatever style the bride fancies.

Eiseman Collection. The Eiseman Jewels Collection features specialty pieces not typically found in nationally branded jewelry lines. Putting style and quality above all else, this collection offers uniquely crafted sapphire and diamond earrings which will no doubt highlight the beauty of a bride on her big day.

Picchiotti. As one of Italy’s premier jewelers, Picchiotti’s designs reflect a timeless and traditional sense of European sophistication and style. Its dazzling diamond and sapphire pendant features the designer’s characteristically classic lines and adds elegant embellishment to the top of any bridal gown.

Yvel. Often referred to as “wearable art,” Yvel’s Rainbow Collection is unique to Eiseman. Designed with nature in mind, the collection preserves the natural look of colored gemstones and combines it with gold and diamonds to create rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets any bride would be proud to wear on her walk down the aisle.

Seaman Schepps. Seaman Schepps is synonymous with vibrant, original design and brilliant craftsmanship. From American First Ladies to Hollywood screen sirens, his jewelry has won over some of the world’s most important, and beautiful, women. And on your wedding day, you deserve to look just as wonderful. The pearl and diamond “swirl” earring with blue stone embellishments are a subtle yet stupendous way to bring blue into your bridal look.

Gumuchian. Plan your “something blue” as early as the proposal. Slightly reminiscent of Princess Di’s classic engagement ring, the Gumuchian sapphire and diamond ring will make any bride feel like royalty. Designed for women by women, the Gumuchian collection offers superior craftsmanship and spectacular design.

Vintage/Estate Jewelry. Getting something new and blue can certainly be efficient, but Eiseman Jewels is also able to help those brides looking for something old, too. With our vast collection of vintage and estate jewelry and our ability to re-design family heirlooms, the perfect piece may already be in your possession.

To see more ways to incorporate blue hues on your big day, visit the Eiseman Jewels “Something Blue” Pinterest board.