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There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a wedding band. The quality, the materials, the price — they all play a big part in the decision. But what matters most is the emotional connection to the ring. Does it make the bride’s face light up? Does the groom beam with pride when he wears it? When you find the right one, you just know.

Engraving a personalized message of love on the inside of a wedding band makes it you unique to you and your spouse. Your wedding date, special nicknames you have for each other, a sentiment that means a lot to you both — these are just a few engraving examples that can add a special touch to your rings. Yes, an engraved wedding band is a romantic gesture, but it’s also a lasting expression of love between you and your new spouse. Your rings will likely become family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Engraving and Personalizations Options from Furrer Jacot

engraving laser english script

Since 1858, in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, Furrer Jacot has produced made-to-order individually crafted wedding bands and jewelry according to the highest standards of Swiss craftsmanship. The FJ trademark stamped into every piece symbolizes this traditional company’s dedication to and responsibility for the quality and authenticity of the materials used and the workmanship of its products.

Below are the different engraving options offered by Furrer Jacot, as well as a few ideas for what to engrave on your wedding bands.

Hand Engraving: There was a time when all engraving was done by hand, but today the art is known only by a select few. A hand-engraved ring preserves the hand of the artisan, so no matter the message or sentiment, it truly remains one-of-a-kind.

hand engraving Schreibschrift

Laser Script or Block Engraving: A laser burns your personal message into the surface of the ring in script or block lettering. This cutting-edge technology provides unsurpassed detail and depth.

engraving laser block letters

A Message in Your Own Handwriting: Take your ring’s customization a step further by engraving your personal message inside your spouse’s wedding band in your own handwriting. The moment they see their wedding band with your handwriting on it, they will know that ring was made just for them.

Engraving laser handwriting

A Poem: A poem or any other short writing piece that is special to the two of you can also be engraved inside your wedding bands.


Laser Fingerprint Engraving: Engraving your fingerprints inside each other’s rings is a new way to show your love and make your rings entirely your own.

engraving laser fingerprint-text

To see our beautiful collection of customizable Furrer Jacot rings, visit Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.


White Outfits for Your Wedding Weekend

The weekend of your wedding is your time to shine—all eyes will be on you. The entire weekend’s festivities, from the bridal luncheon to the rehearsal dinner, are meant to celebrate your walk down the aisle, and you’ll be the center of attention at every one. As you shop for different outfits for your wedding weekend, it’s important to keep jewelry in mind. You want every last detail to be perfect, and gorgeous jewelry will help you sparkle all the more.


Your bridesmaid lunch will be a gathering of all the women in your bridal party, including mothers and grandmothers. Looking chic and polished, if not a little on the conservative side, should be the order of the day. Set off your look with a classic pair of diamond hoops.


In your search for the perfect wedding dress, you probably came across one or two that you loved but which just weren’t quite right for the ceremony (too short, too racy, too avant-garde, etc). The rehearsal dinner is the perfect event to wear one of your runner-up dresses. Mark the occasion with statement earrings.


It’s the day after the ceremony and you can finally slow down and breathe. Whether you’re hanging out with wedding guests or jetting off to your honeymoon, you’ll want to choose an outfit that reflects your breezy state of mind. A simple pair of diamond studs and a few bangles will complete the casual look.

From engagement rings to bridal party gifts to wedding day jewelry, you’ll find everything you need for your big day at Eiseman Jewels at NorthPark Center in Dallas.

17972136_m (1)

Most couples want their wedding reception to reflect who they are as a couple—something that feels very personal and unique. They also want their guests to have fun. So how does that translate into the party of a lifetime? It’s all in the details.

The specialists at Eiseman Jewels have chosen their favorite up-and-coming wedding reception trends that are sure to dazzle in 2015.

{Reception: Whimsy}

The Atmosphere

Go west. A rustic ranch sets the scene for details like wildflower bouquets, antler motifs and cowhide rugs. Serve specialty craft beers and bourbon craft cocktails in a barn draped with strings of lights and lots of leather accents.

Modern luxury. Sleeker brides will opt for sophisticated palettes of white and poppy red, or black-and-white with a glimmer of elegant gold. Beautiful lighting, clear “ghost” chairs, monogrammed napkins and sculptured floral arrangements are all part of the modern theme.

Garden parties and afternoon tea. Thank our obsession with Princess Kate (okay, and Downton Abbey) for details like flower-covered trellises, lawn games, lace tablecloths and wildflower centerpieces in antique glass bottles. Don’t forget the vintage Rolls Royce to help make your escape.

Unexpected locations. Hot air balloons, glaciers, volcanoes, castles, exotic-animal sanctuaries, museums—the best part about a unique venue is that the space speaks for itself and you don’t have to go overboard on the décor. 

The Drinks

No open bar. These days, more couples are offering wine, beer and liquor with a theme. That could mean anything from serving only local labels to showcasing drinks from the couple’s home states to offering beer the couple brewed themselves. Guests’ options might not be wide open, but they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t notice.

Small sips. Bourbon or craft beer flights, wine samplings, sangria or even a lemonade bar are all ways of letting guests sample an array of beverages, peek into your personal tastes and help you keep your bar budget in check.

The Food

Family-style dining. Getting guests to mingle and interact is important at a wedding reception. And nothing gets a conversation started quite like a meal served family style, with guests passing beautifully plated entrées and sides.

Tasting stations. From mac ’n’ cheese bars to make-it-your-self taco stands to food trucks, tasting stations are a great way for couples to show off their favorite foods in manageable portions. Providing an unexpected assortment of party food is a great way to surprise your guests.

The Dress(es)

One, two, three. A beautiful ball gown for the ceremony, a sleek sheath for the reception and a short mini dress for the afterparty—more and more brides are wearing two or three different gowns for each part of the wedding. And one of the dresses doesn’t necessarily even have to be a dress. Bridal designers are giving the traditional wedding gown a run for its money with fun, funky and dance floor-friendly pieces like pantsuits, rompers and jumpsuits.


Although few people consider winter to be their favorite season, an “off-season” wedding can be uniquely romantic and might actually save you money. If you’re considering a winter wedding, the specialists at Eiseman Jewels offer these tips to help make your special day truly magical.



Winter weather can incredibly unpredictable, especially in North Texas. It might be sunny and 60 degrees on your wedding day, or it might be sleeting and 15 degrees. When you’re picking a wedding date, you might research the average temperatures weather conditions in the past few years for a particular month, but you can’t expect your chosen day will turn out the same. Don’t set your heart on the perfect winter weather—instead, plan for any potential weather scenario. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, reserve a backup location in case you’ll need to move indoors.


If you plan on marrying close to Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day, determine whether you want to incorporate these holidays into your wedding theme. There are many ways to approach a holiday-themed wedding without making it look cheesy or over-the-top, but you and your fiancé need to decide up front if you want to include the holiday at all. If you don’t want to associate any holiday with your wedding, ensure that your chosen venue won’t already be festively decorated for that holiday.


Rich, vibrant colors are perfect for winter weddings—consider crimson, plum, jewel tones, forest green and chocolate brown as well as icy blue, frosty silver and snowy white for your wedding colors. To make your venue come alive, illuminate the space with many candles and strings of fairy lights, and scatter fake snow, icicles and branches under the lights to simulate a winter wonderland.


A winter wedding is a wonderful opportunity to choose a rich, elegant wedding dress made from a luxurious fabric, such as velvet or silk satins. If your dress is strapless or sleeveless, protect yourself from the cold with a real or faux fur shrug, shawl or cape. Not only will it keep you warm, but the perfect topper can also make a wedding dress feel more wintery and glamorous. And don’t forget about your bridesmaids—be sure to pick an outfit that will keep them warm, as well.


To warm your chilly guests as they come in from the cold, offer up wintery drinks like mulled wine, hot apple cider, hot toddies and spiced punch as well as tea and coffee. Serve seasonal food and incorporate winter dishes, like warm soup, into the menu. It is best to stay away from turkey and ham for the main course, as your guests will be eating a lot of those foods over the holidays. Instead, consider something like prime rib or roast, which will be hearty and filling.


Whether your wedding will take place indoors or outdoors, you need to ensure your guests are comfortable. If you will marry outdoors, consider placing individual throws that match your color scheme over the back of each chair. On the other hand, don’t overheat your guests at the ceremony or reception. Ask your planner or someone else to keep an eye on everyone and turn the heat down a notch if your guests appear too warm.

Embrace the magical, cozy romance of the season—when it’s done right, a winter wedding can be an unforgettable experience.


Planning a wedding menu can be daunting, but it can also be a lot of fun. The specialists at Eiseman Jewels have compiled a few tips to help you plan a reception feast that will wow everyone on your guest list.


Don’t Wait Too Long

For an amazing menu, you need the right caterer. To ensure you get your pick of the best, you need to start looking as early as possible—ideally at least 12 months out.

Some questions to ask a potential caterer:

  • What is your specialty?
  • Do you hold a license?
  • Will you or someone else be responsible for catering on the day of the event?
  • Do you include all charges in the cost per person?
  • Do you provide any extras?
  • Can you provide a detailed list of all charges I can expect?
  • Can we sample dishes?
  • Can I have a list of former clients to contact for references?


Settle on a Style

If you know the guests who will be attending your wedding, then you more than likely know their eating habits and the foods that will please them the most. Is a formal dining style with three to four courses the best choice, or is a casual buffet the better option? Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from your caterer, who has likely catered many weddings and will be more than happy to share suggestions.

Go Seasonal and Local

Plan your menu around what’s most available and flavorful during the time of the wedding. You’ll also find the freshest options by going with regionally grown ingredients. If you’re not familiar with the foods that will be available during the time of your wedding, ask your caterer for advice and ideas.

Avoid Awkward Food

Your guests will probably be wearing their Sunday best at your wedding, and you would hate for their clothing to become stained by errant morsels. Avoid items like bruschetta and overly messy finger foods like chicken wings and ribs. When it comes to seafood, it’s a good idea to leave them all off the menu. Not only is it messy to eat crab legs, lobster, oysters and sushi, these foods can also become a health hazard.

Keep Special Needs in Mind

Don’t forget to go over menu options for vegetarians and vegans, those who follow a strict religious diet and guests with other specific dietary restrictions. Also, keep in mind foods that can cause allergic reactions in some people, such as peanuts, shellfish and strawberries. Of course, you can still offer foods that some guests can’t consume—just be sure to provide options and let those guests know which items on the menu they should avoid.

Presentation is Everything

People eat with their eyes as well as their mouths. Talk to your caterer about creative ways to display the food. You might even add a few small touches of your own with a signature cocktail or monogrammed coasters and napkins in your wedding colors.

To add a little flavor to your wedding menu and for more ideas, head over to Eiseman Jewels’ Pinterest board.


The toast is one of the most important and meaningful traditions of the wedding reception, which means that providing guests with plenty of champagne, beer, wine and spirits is on most couples’ essentials list. But just how should you set up the bar at your reception? The specialists at Eiseman Jewels offer a few options to consider.

Party Planning Latest News, Photos and Videos

Open Bar

Most couples choose to have an open bar, which serves unlimited drinks at no cost to guests. Although it’s the more popular (and hospitable) option, it is also the most expensive and could take up as much as 20 percent of your wedding budget.

Cash Bar

One alternative to an open bar is a cash bar, which charges each guest for individual drinks. Although it will save you money and result in fewer drunken guests, many consider asking for payment for anything at your reception to be in bad taste. If you choose a cash bar, expect to hear grumblings from some of your guests.

Combination Bar

If funds are tight, one solution might be a combination bar, which grants guests a certain number of free drink tickets. If guests wish to consume more drinks after they have used their allotted tickets, then they are responsible for payment. You might also consider offering free drinks up until the meal is served, after which guests must then pay for their drinks. A combination bar still allows you to be a gracious host without taking too much away from your wedding.

Limited Bar

Another choice is a limited bar, which restricts what free alcoholic drinks are available. Usually the free drinks include beer, wine, champagne and perhaps one or two signature wedding cocktails. You can still offer a full bar, but guests will have to pay for drinks that are not on the list of free items available at the limited bar.


A do-it-yourself bar is a money-saver that still allows guests to drink for free. If your venue allows it, you can purchase the liquor and mixers to be served at the reception from a wholesaler. Many of these wholesalers will allow you to return unopened sealed bottles, so if you buy too much, you won’t incur needless expenses.

No Bar

You can also forgo the bar completely and have waiters distribute a limited variety of beverages—such as beer, wine, champagne and a signature drink—in lieu of a drink station. This will help keep costs down and eliminate a crowded bar area.

Final Note

Regardless of which way you choose to serve alcohol to your guests, the most important rule of any wedding bar is to hire a licensed bartender. Not only will hiring a professional ensure your drinks are made and served properly, but will also keep you in compliance with laws that exist in many states—including Texas—that require a person to have participated in a sanctioned course that teaches the regional laws pertaining to alcohol.

Memorable Moments

Every wedding has those precious moments that bring tears to the eyes and a smile to the face of every person in attendance—and your big day will be no different. The Eiseman Jewels specialists recounted their favorite moments at weddings they’ve witnessed:

Memorable Moments

Marni Blair Mulvey, specialist in bridal, fine jewelry and fine timepieces, loves when the groom-to-be makes an effort to make his proposal one-of-a-kind. “When it’s special, the memory is something the bride will share forever.

Helene Pham-Whissen, specialist in diamonds, fashion jewelry and timepieces, always looks forward to the first dance.

Andre E. Vorster, executive vice president and director of diamond services, always gets emotional when the father gives his daughter away to the groom. “It’s special for every man to watch because they can relate,” he says.

To ensure that those memorable wedding moments last a lifetime, here are some significant instances that you’ll want your photographer and videographer to capture at your own nuptials.

  • The bride and groom with friends and family before the ceremony.
  • The bridesmaids helping the bride dress.
  • The groomsmen with the nervous groom.
  • The groom’s face when he first sees the bride.
  • The bride’s face when she first sees the groom.
  • The moment the father of the bride gives his daughter away.
  • The antics of the flower girl and ring bearer.
  • The facial expressions of the bride, groom, wedding party and guests during the vows.
  • The first kiss.
  • The first time the couple is together alone after the ceremony.
  • The wedding party having fun setting up for staged photos.
  • The first dance.
  • Bouquet and garter tosses.
  • The send-off.

And make sure you capture the mistakes and mishaps, too—even those can bring a smile to your face for years to come.


29845118_lWhether you’re a groom who likes to be involved in every aspect of wedding planning or your style is more hands-off, there are some wedding responsibilities all grooms should fulfill. The specialists at Eiseman Jewels offer this groom’s checklist for to ensure he’s completely ready for the big day.


12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Agree on a wedding date, budget and wedding/reception locations with your fiancée.
  • Select and ask best man and groomsmen if they’ll be in your wedding party.
  • Start compiling the guest list.


Nine Months Before

  • Agree on the location and menu for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Register for gifts with your fiancée.
  • Meet and book an officiant.
  • Reserve a DJ or band.
  • Finalize the guest list.
  • Discuss the honeymoon location and budget.
  • Help your fiancée send out save the dates.
  • Select and order the wedding invitations.


Six Months Before

  • Select wedding bands.
  • Select and order the men’s formal wear.
  • Get measured for a tuxedo.
  • Arrange wedding transportation.
  • Finalize your honeymoon plans.
  • Check hotel availability for your guests.


Three Months Before

  • Decide on your rehearsal outfit.
  • Choose the song for mother/groom dance.
  • Check the requirements for marriage license.


Eight Weeks Before


Four Weeks Before

  • Get the marriage license.
  • Confirm the honeymoon reservations.
  • Confirm transportation to all events.
  • Give the final guest count for the reception.
  • Pick up the wedding bands.
  • Get your teeth whitened.


Two Weeks Before

  • Enjoy your bachelor party!
  • Create a wedding day schedule.


One Week Before

  • Confirm rehearsal dinner plans.
  • Pack for the honeymoon.
  • Prepare your reception speech.
  • Arrange for flowers to be delivered to the bride, your mother and the mother of the bride.
  • Pay the officiant.
  • Confirm that the best man and groomsmen are prepared.


One to Two Days Before

  • Get your hair cut.
  • Pick up the tuxedo rentals.
  • Give best man the officiant’s fee.
  • Write a sweet “I love you” note to the bride for the morning of the wedding.


Wedding Day

  • Give the wedding rings to the best man.
  • Give the wedding license to the officiant.
  • Give your wedding gift to bride.

Now take a deep breath and relax. Your wedding day is the beginning of lifetime of love and happiness—enjoy it!


In the past, wedding gifts were traditionally meant to help a young husband and wife set up their new home together. The customary wedding registry might include bath towels, pots and pans, tableware and small appliances—especially toasters and blenders. But today, about 70 percent of engaged couples live together before they marry, and most of them are already well equipped on the domestic front. The specialists at Eiseman Jewels suggest that cohabitating couples say goodbye to the antiquated big box gift registry and hello to an alternative online wedding registry.


Here are a few of the most popular non-traditional registry options:

Honeymoon Registry

Sites such as TheBigDay.comHoneymoonWishes.comTheHoneymoon.com and HoneyFund.com are the perfect solution for couples looking to supplement their honeymoon fund. The idea is similar to a gift registry, but couples list honeymoon expenses rather than material gifts. Couples can choose their honeymoon destination and register for gifts like special activities, excursions, upgraded rooms, airfare and spa services. Couples can also ask for monetary gifts to be applied to the overall cost of their honeymoon.

Cash Registry

For couples who would rather make a down payment on a home, pay off college loans or save for their future children’s college educations, many large banks offer a registry service. Couples create a joint savings account to which their friends and loved ones can contribute money. Online financial registry sites include Gifts.Betterment.com, HatchMyHouse.comWeddingFutures.com and DownPaymentDreams.com

Charity Registry

Many of today’s philanthropically-minded couples are forgoing the traditional registry. Instead, they’re asking their wedding guests to donate to a good cause they care about. There are a number of charitable gift-giving websites to choose from, including JustGive.orgChangingThePresent.org and IDoFoundation.org.

Online Wish Lists

Registering for tangible gifts is still common, of course, but you can still break out of the big box by using a simple online registry. If you and your fiancé have a few unique items on your online wish list—such as a Monica Rich Kosann silver locket to hold precious memories—it’s easy to let your loved ones know by signing up for websites like SimpleRegistry.comMyRegistry.comWishPot.com and Giftster.com.



10412979_lWhen it comes to wedding flowers, summer offers a bounty. But it’s also a time of extreme heat, especially in North Texas. To ensure your wedding blooms stay fresh and beautiful in sweltering conditions, the specialists at Eiseman Jewels offer these bits of advice:

Beat the Heat               

The biggest consideration when selecting flowers for the summer is how much heat and humidity you can expect on the day of your wedding. You also need to consider the structure of the event, especially for an outdoor wedding, where flowers might be cooking outside for long periods of time.

Some heat-resilient blooms to consider are hydrangeas, roses, orchids, ginger halcyons, birds of paradise, tiger lilies, gladiolus, daisies, delphiniums, lavender, snapdragons, pincushion flowers and liatris. Ask your florist for advice on what other flowers might be best for the conditions of your particular ceremony and reception venue.

Go Bright & Bold

Stick to the colors that are prevalent during the summer. Deeper colors like wine, dark purple and dark red are wonderful for formal weddings, while brighter shades such as violet, green, fuchsia and mango are perfect for semi-formal and outdoor events. If the wedding is casual, large sunflower blooms and colorful daisies make delightful choices.

Don’t Go Too Big

Oversized and elaborate cascading bridal bouquets won’t do well in summer heat. Instead, consider a small hand-tied bouquet. Not only will it hold up better, but it also won’t distract from your dress. Choose sturdy flowers that can withstand admiring touches from the wedding party and guests. If you wish to keep your bouquet, ask your florist to suggest some flowers that will stand up to preservation.

Ask for Backups

It’s worth asking your florist for some extra backup flowers—especially a second boutonniere, which tends to be especially fragile because the groom will wear it throughout the event. It might cost a little extra, but you’ll be happy you spent it if the flowers start to wilt or bruise before the photo sessions are complete.

Choose Hardy Centerpieces  

If your wedding and reception are indoors, you’ll have more options to choose from than if your event is outdoors. Before choosing the flowers for the event, have your florist visit the venue in order to make recommendations for what will not only hold up well, but what will also transform the site into an amazing backdrop for your special day.

For wedding flower ideas and inspiration, visit Eiseman Jewels’ Pinterest page.