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Much like the diamonds he seeks out around the world, Eiseman Jewels’ in-house diamond cutter, Andre Vorster, is a rare gem.

As executive vice president and director of diamond division sourcing for Eiseman, as well as a third- generation diamond cutter, Andre brings over forty years expertise to his role as resident “Rock Star.” Trained in South Africa, he is a Certified Master Diamond Cutter and holds NTCII certificate in physical and optical properties of diamonds. His training and life-long passion for gemstones gives him a unique perspective as he hand-selects the diamonds purchased for Eiseman Jewels’ clients.

Andre’s goal when choosing diamonds is to “find the most beautiful diamonds that stand out in a crowd and speak to you.” While other jewelers source diamonds based on industry diamond reports, Andre looks for specific properties in each stone when making his selections including:

· Gemstones that are mathematically, perfect-cut proportions, which release the visual light and refractivity from the diamond to the maximum.

· When looking at color and clarify, Andre selects diamonds that are at the top of the grading range, which always adds beauty and long-term value.

· Correct facet arrangement, which makes the diamond crisp and bright.

Andre is widely respected throughout the industry, giving him direct access to diamond sight holders and important diamond merchants around the world. These long-standing relationships, allow Eiseman Jewels to offer the finest, rarest, and most radiant diamonds, which offer great value to our clientele.


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